February 16 libra horoscope


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The moon in Cancer inspires you to tackle your to-do list today, Aquarius, and creative energy is flowing.

Love and Compatibility for February 16 Zodiac

The moon in Cancer finds you eager to get cozy at home, but you have a lot to focus on in your career, too. Balancing your responsibilities between career and family is a theme today.

Libra-Aquarius Compatibility

Today's moon in Cancer brings plenty of conversations your way and asks you to tap into your intuition. Your gut knows a lot more than simply what you want to snack on today an important topic for all Taurus people.

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A powerful philosophical breakthrough arrives. Today's moon in Cancer asks you to reflect on your budget. Sharing financial responsibilities with others can be very complicated, and today can be one of those days when you wonder what you've gotten yourself into—make your needs and limits known! The moon is in your sign, Cancer!

No one is perfect, but with consistent and clear communication, a lot of headaches will be avoided.

Birthday Compatibility & Zodiac Horoscope 12222

Be gentle with yourself today, Leo—the moon in Cancer wants you to slow down, catch up on rest, and connect with your inner voice. The moon in Cancer finds your reflecting on your friendships today, Virgo. You have big hopes and dreams for the future—and you have every intention of doing the work necessary to achieve your goals. The moon in Cancer illuminates the sector of your chart that rules your career and public life and opposes your ruling planet Venus this morning, asking you to reflect on your values.

These two Signs are very compatible, making for a truly smooth-sailing love affair.

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  • This is an honest partnership that values truth and harmony in itself and in the world. Libra and Pisces make great friends as well as lovers. They understand one another: Both can be indecisive and tend to work in multiple directions at once.

    The Aquarius-Pisces Cusp

    Problems between these two are rare, but Libra can at times be too mentally manipulating for Pisces. Sometimes they can also stop mid-action due to both of their indecisive natures; if these two work on a project together — either their love relationship or something else — it can be difficult to get it to move forward.

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    • These Signs are quite compatible due to the feminine energies of Venus and Neptune working in tandem. Libra is the Sign of Partnership and always is more comfortable when in an intimate love affair.

      Libra Astrology Fortnightly Forecast February 16th 2015 Michele Knight

      These two Signs together combine their heads and their hearts to solve all problems — a winning combination. The best decisions are made with both the emotions and the intellect; this relationship tends to be extremely flexible and progressive.

      When problems occur, however, the communication breaks down between Libra and Pisces. Their only real trouble may result from their tendency to slow down to the point of stopping when they get together.